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John Pyne was born in Ireland between 1815 and 1830, according to census records in Orleans Co., NY (1875, 1880, 1892), and was a teamster and laborer.  He was married to Hannah, aka Nora, born in Ireland between 1834 and 1842.  They had 5 children: John J. (1858 Canada), Michael (1861 Lindsay, Ontario, Canada), Mary "Minnie" (1868 Canada), Kate (1872 NY), and Annie (1877 NY).  They immigrated to the US in about 1868, and settled in Orleans Co. (Medina and Ridgeway).  John died between 1892 and 1900.

Michael became was ordained a Catholic priest in 1889 and died in Buffalo, NY in 1897 at the age of 36.

Minnie was a sales clerk.  She lived at home until at least 1900.  I next find her living with her sister, Annie Ryan, in 1920.  At that time, she was not married.

Kate also lived at home until at least 1900.  I have not found any record of her until her death in Buffalo in 1922.

Annie married Thomas Ryan in about 1904.  They had two daughters: Mary (1905) and Helen (1907).

John married Nettie Hawes/Haus in about 1885.  Their five children, all born in NY state (Richard was born in Buffalo), were: Mabel (1886), John (1888), Raymond (1890), Nettie (1895), and Richard (1896).  We knew that Mabel married Charles Andrus and that they had two boys, Neil and Gene.  Betty, my mother-in-law, remembers that Neil had 3 kids, but they were much younger than she (b. 1926).  Gene had just recently married Corrine, but had no children.  Betty remembers once meeting an "Uncle John", bearded and scary to her at the time, but has no more memories of him.  She thought that she had been told that her father had one sister who was mentally ill (Nettie/Totsie/Marie?), but does not remember ever meeting her.

I have a collection of records that might be this Raymond, but could just as well be unrelated.  In 1910, a 23 year old Raymond is a bellman at a club in Seattle.  He's been married 5 years, but his wife is not living with him.  In 1917, a 28 year old Raymond is a farmer in Fresno Co. when he registers for the WWII draft.  He has no dependents.  In 1920, a 33 year old Raymond is a cook jailed at the San Francisco "city prison".  He is single.  In 1930, a 40 year old Raymond is a salesman in Gardena, LA Co..  He is a WW veteran, married 10 years to Gertie, with no children.  All of these Raymonds are born in NY in about 1888.  Where indicated (census records), his father was born in Canada and his mother was born in NY.  The marriage status, though, is not consistent among these records.

Richard, our line of the family, is also hard to place, in the early 1900s.  I can't find him between 1900 (in Buffalo with his family) and 1917, when he registers for the draft in San Francisco.  On his registration is listed previous military service as a private in NY City for 2 months (with a National Guard?).  One of his sons (Jack) recently wrote that "he enlisted in the National Guard at the start of WW I but was discharged after 99 days on the ground of Family Need on the application of Nettie".  He married Bertha Cummings in 1922.  Their four children were Bob (1923-1979), Audie (1924-2000), Betty (1926- ), and Jack (1936- ).  Richard passed away in 1968; Bertha in 1984.  They had 17 grandchildren.

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