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Known History

According to the US Census, Thomas and Phebe Patchen were born in about 1796 and 1806, respectively, in New York. In 1850, they were farmers in Geneva (Walworth Co.), Wisconsin, near the Illinois border. Living with them were 19 year old Andrew, 17 year old Isaac, 9 year old Clarrinda, 7 year old Mial (boy), and 4 year old Lucy. Thomas was in the central Wisconsin town of Plainfield (Waushara Co.) in the 1855 Wisconsin state census. In 1855-7 Andrew, Isaac, William, and Thomas Patchen (also Patchin and Patching) were granted neighboring tracts of land near Plainfield, presumably for farms. (I have assumed that William was an older son, no longer at home in the 1850 census. He and Andrew are neighbors in 1860 and 1870, and lived near each other in 1880.) The 1860 census shows them all living in Plainfield, all farmers, with their families. Thomas, William, Andrew and their families moved to south-central Minnesota, in the Janesville (Waseca Co.) area, in about 1865. They are shown there in the 1870 federal census. I've just learned that Isaac and some of his family may have died in an Indian uprising in Plainsfield in 1861. Thomas reportedly died in Janesville in 1870.

(I've found a Phebe Pierce, born in St. Lawrence Co., NY, in 1806 who married a Thomas Patchen, but have not yet been able to find evidence that they are the same Phebe and Thomas of my family. The Pierce family has been researched extensively. There is also a great deal of research done on the Patchen [-in] clan, from Connecticut, but I have not connected Thomas to this clan.}

I have been unable to verify some of the following events, but it appears that William married Lucy Douglas in the late 1840s, in Wisconsin. Andrew married Lucy's sister, Emily, also in Wisconsin in the early 1850s. Several of the Douglases lived near the Patchens in Plainfield in 1860; perhaps this is where they were married. Isaac married Nancy (maiden name unknown) in the mid-1850s, probably also in the Plainfield area. I do not know what became of the the other children.

Sarah (1854), Mial (1856), Jane (1858), Charlotte (1861), and Flora (1863) were born to Andrew and Emily, probably in Plainfield. Andrew Jackson, Jr. (1866) and Benjamin (1869) were born in Minnesota, probably in Janesville. Sometime during the 1870s, Andrew and William and their families moved to Nebraska, perhaps after the death of their parents. Sarah married Adam Cushing in the mid-1870s in Arapahoe (Furnas Co.), in south-central Nebraska, on the Republican River. They later moved to Burton Bend in adjacent Frontier County. Flora married Francis Cushing, the town blacksmith, in Arapahoe in 1878. Andrew, Emily and their remaining children, Hiram, Andrew, Jr., and Benjamin, were living in Arapahoe in 1880. I believe that William was living in Frontier County in 1880. He married Eliza Palmer that year, and was living with two sons, William and Thomas, and Eliza's four sons, Frederic, Charles, Albert and Thomas.

I lost track of the Patchens after 1880, except for Flora and Sarah, who are included with the Cushing family history. They do not appear in the Nebraska state census of 1885.

Name spellings

Patchen is the predominant spelling, but Patchin is also common. I've also seen Patching and Pathing.

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