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I began my genealogy research in about 1996 and began publishing well researched families on this web site in about 2001.  Since this is a very part time hobby, I realized that very little of my research, now including over seven thousand individuals, would ever get shared this way.  In 2011 I began a blog to publish bits and pieces of family genealogy that, when it accumulates to become a "well researched family" will be added to this web site. But this generally takes years to achieve.  There is a great deal of information that is peripheral to my direct line of ancestors that may always be too detailed to include here, so much of the blog will remain a unique collection of family history information. As this web site evolves, I hope to supplement the factual information with more colorful, interesting stories of these individuals. If you have any stories, photos, links to related families, or other information you could share, please contact me (roots1@cushings.com).


Privacy: In order to respect all of our privacy, information on living persons is not posted on this web site.

Acknowledgements: At this point, there have been so many contributors to my genealogy information that I cannot name them all. Much of the original information came from my parents and parents-in-law, but cousins, aunts, & uncles added a great deal more. In addition to my own research of public records, I have received a wealth of information from many cousins in "other" branches of the family that I have met through the Internet, providing much more information than I would ever have gathered on my own. The LDS church has also been very helpful by providing access to records through an excellent local Family History Center and, more recently, their Family Search web site. Thank you all.

User requirements: Drop-down menus require that JavaScript be enabled in your browser. All pages can be reached through standard hypertext links in menus or found throughout the pages, so drop-down menus are only a convenience.

Family Trees: [Privacy] No living persons are included in the family tree accessible from this website. [Authorship] It has become too difficult to exclude information in my family tree that was given to me from other researchers/cousins. Any inquiries sent to me will be redirected to the researchers/cousins from whom I received information. [Accuracy] I have not verified every individual and relationship in my family tree. Before adding data from other researchers, I consider sources, how closely the researcher is related to persons being added, and other factors. I do not, generally, add family trees to my own. I have diligently recorded sources of information, which, in order to protect the privacy of some contributors, I have not posted online. If you have questions about accuracy or sources of information, please contact me at roots1@cushings.com.

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