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Perhaps you're looking for these Cushing web sites:

Cushing Family Genealogy - History and genealogy of a Cushing family that emmigrated to Portage, Wisconsin from Galbally, County Limerick, Ireland in the mid 1800s.

More Cushing Families - Probably the largest collection of Cushing family genealogies on the Internet.

Cushing Academy - A prestigious private boarding school, north of Boston.

Joan Cushing, "the most produced playwright in children's theatreā€, is an award winning creator of many musicals playing nationwide.

All about Cushing's syndrome ... or in dogs ...

The USS Cushing Association unites all past and present crewmembers of the five USS Cushing naval vessels. But the website hasn't been updated since 2008.

There are over 500 domains that include the name Cushing.  Search Google for more sites ...

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Last revised 7 July 2017.